Profile of PTE

PTE is the trade mark to which 10 italian companies are connected, they all operate in the industrial equipment market and they are specialised in the field of the power transmission equipment for end user customers.

The companies linked to the PTE brand are spread in the Italian territory where they work independently.

Since many years they are linked by a feeling of friendship, trust and mutual cooperation and they joint their forces and introduce themselves to the worldwide market through the PTE Brand.

According to a common sourcing strategy and vision, they are continuously searching for new products and suppliers worldwide, they manage the purchases and shares the goods.

In Italian market they promote the products imported with PTE brand in their local area and they exchange information and tips on the best way to approach the customers.

They meet regularly to share information on the market and on the development of PTE brand products.


The companies linked to the brand PTE may rely on the "numbers" that they express” all together:

  • Number of members: 10
  • Number of the sales outlets: 30
  • Number of salesmen: 140